ESP8266 with 3.5" KeDei LCD module

This repository describes an idea of easy hack (depending on your DIY skills) of the cheap KeDei LCD 3.5” module (320x480 pixels), originally sold as a display option for Raspberry Pi, to simulate more standard LCD connection (seen in LCD modules more often) using lines: /CS, D/C, SCLK, MOSI, (MISO), sometimes called as “4-wire 8-bit data serial interface II” or “4-line serial interface”. After the hack, the module can be used with my WLCD driver and ESP8266 for superfast drawing possibility (superfast in ESP8266 terms) - see video with 40 MHz clock. Why? Because KeDei is cheap, nice, but it’s not optimized for speed. At least for ESP8266 and it’s HSPI interface and it’s long transactions (max. 512 bits / 512 CLK long). The SW subroutines to manage shift register and pulse /CS adds unnecessary slowdown. Why they just didn’t set the LCD controller into serial interface mode? (ILI9488’s pins IM2:0) Surely the Raspberry Pi could also manage that .. or not?”


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