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Online Weather Station

You will not believe it! But from the beginning. I was working on the next version of CoolPhone and the number of errors I made when designed it forced me to take a break from it. I put my shoes on and went outside. It turned out to be cold so I went back for a hoodie. “A walk in the fresh air will do me good” - I thought, not knowing what awaited me. After four minutes and twenty-five seconds of relaxing in the nature views, I saw little black dots in the distance. “I will come closer,” I said to myself and walked closer. It turned out that three esp modules also took a walk. It was such a strange situation that I only needed to find a PCB for another project in my left pocket.
Or maybe it wasn’t like that, it’s just the weather that affects me like that. Anyway, I have ESP and PCBs modules and I am not hesitant to use them to make a weather station.”

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