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"Ouija" ESP8266 Programmer Planchette

ESP, you say? Why not make an ESP8266 programmer that looks like a beautiful “talking board” planchette… and is also wearable?

I’m building a suite of arcane tech tools that make everyday electronics tasks more beautiful. This one came out so nicely that the final version has a hole for an earring hook. (It’s pretty large for an earring, but what a statement!)

The original programming circuit came from this article by Alasdair Allan in Make. I’ve built a couple of ESP8266 programming jigs based on this in the past, and while they usually worked, sometimes there’d be issues attributable to loose wires, or other causes that would take ages to debug. So, when I decided to play with the ESP-01 module again, it was a no-brainer to design a PCB version.

Given the “ESP” naming of Espressif modules, I thought it’d be fun to make it in the shape of an Ouija-style talking board planchette.”

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