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I have previously done an 8x16x8 Led Cube Clock controlled by Arduino Mega 2560 and Real Time Clock Module DS3231 more than 2 years ago and until now it still works fine.
I also conducted the tests using ESP-01 to display time/ weather information on led matrix 13x15 and control an 4x4x4 RGB led cube on previous topic, named MAXIMIZE THE CAPABILITIES OF ESP-01 ESP8266. They all work very well.
Today, I would like to share how to use an ESP-01S ESP8266 to control a big size - led cube 8x24x8 in the simplest way of hardware. We can easily perform many beautiful effects with smooth transistion, as well as, display time/ weather information on this led cube without any extra-components because ESP-01S ESP8266 has 1MB Flash Memory, fast CPU speed 80/160 MHz and WIFI connectivity.
Lets getting started.”

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