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I do not know why I especially liked to do some projects about lighting and sound. Here is one of LED projects, as called “8x16x8 RED GREEN CUBE- HANDWRITTEN CLOCK”, that actually made me very excited. And I hope you will be enjoyable what I wanna to share on this instructable.
This cube has a total of 1024 leds, with 512 red leds and 512 green leds. They are same as two separated 8x8x8 led cubes and assembled into an 8x16x8 cube block. Let’s take a look at some beautiful effects through the following videos:
Handwritten Clock Mode: It can shows year, month, day of month, day of week, hour, minute & second by reading real time value from DS3231. For this demo video, it only show hour, minute & second, otherwise it looked confusing.
Animations Mode:Spectrum Analyzer Mode: It can also read music analog signal via stereo audio jack, with FFT transformation, then show volume unit on this cube.”

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