8x8x8 Led Cube

In this instructable, we’re going to show how to build an 8x8x8 Led Cube. All started as an idea for the subject ‘Creative Electronics’, belonging to the Electronics Engineering 4th year module at the University of Mlaga, School of Telecommunications (https://www.uma.es/etsi-de-telecomunicacion/ )
The project in general consists in a co-design hardware and software. The hardware part is composed of the Cube, and all the connections, as well as a base which support the design. The software part consists in an scalable library, which has been implemented in order to be useful for other projects.
Controlled by an Arduino Uno, five hundred and twelve leds form this cube, and as they are separated in columns and layers, each one can be switched on individually.
We present some steps that can make the project easier, although this takes some days soldering. For the project, we have used Blue Leds and NPN transistors.

Here we attach a list with the necessary material:

- 512 LEDs.
- 64 Resistances of 220 ohms.
- 9 Shift Registers 74HC595.
- 16 2N222 Transistors.
- Foam Board.
- Several meters of fine wire (1.2mm).
- Strip wire.
- Connectors (male and female).
- Power Supply.
- Pre-drilled plate (PCB).
- Support for structure.
- Wooden box for structure.

We hope all people likes this instructable.”


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