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The LED Cube is nothing but a 3-dimensional array of LEDs to light up in different forms and patterns. It’s an interesting project to learn or better your Soldering, Circuit Designing, 3D Printing, and Programming skills. Though I would like to construct an RGB cube, I think I will first start off with a simple one color led cube to gain experience.
I was super impressed and inspired by Chars project from Instructables, you should check it out if you got the time.
I am going to construct an 8x8x8 led cube, which is nothing but 8 rows, 8 columns and 8 layers of LEDs. Thats 512 LEDs in all. Now, the most important item is the LED, pick the smallest size so that the cube is compact. Also, it’s better to get the diffused LEDs over translucent ones because the translucent ones scatter light and are not very appealing.”

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