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Handheld BOT

I am very found of making robots and wanted to gift one to my cousin who is just 7 years old. There are many robots on the Internet, I wanted to make a robot which would easily fit in my hand, and the design should be appealing to the child.
I wanted to keep everything simple, so I went with a circular shape design like to 3PI Robot. I really liked to 3PI Bot design and wanted to make something similar. So, without further adieu let’s get started.

The Main Items necessary for the BOT are:

- 3D Printer (optional)
- 9V/1 Adapter x1 for charging the robot
- 18650 Batteries x2
- 18650 for 2 Battery Holder x1
- N20 Gear Motor with Bracket Holders x2
- N20 Gear Motor Wheels x2
- Arduino Pro Mini x1
- FTDI Module (This is for Programming the Arduino Pro Mini)
- DRV8833 Adafruit Module x1
- 5V Buzzer x1
- RN42 Bluetooth Module (you can also use HC05/HC06)
- BQ24005 IC x1
- Multi-color Flashing LEDs x6
- etc.

Rest of the Active and Passive Components are mentioned in the Step 2 (Assembly Drawing and BOM pdf). Please go through it”

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