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Hello friends! My name is Nikolas, I am 15 years old and I live in Athens, Greece. Today I will show you how to make a 2-Wheel Bluetooth Controlled Car using an Arduino Nano, a 3D printer and some simple electronic components! Make sure to watch my YouTube Video to see the car in action to follow the instructions from there if you prefer!

I got into basic electronics when I was 9 years old when my dad brought me some batteries, a switch and a small light bulb to play with, I was super excited. Around that time with the help of my dad I made my first ever car which was as simple as it could be. It consisted of an old phone’s box to which we had attached four dc motors with some wheels from some toy cars we had and they were powered from a few AA batteries, it could only move forwards but 9 year old me was really proud and happy. Over the following years I made quite a handful of creations and MANY toy cars. At some point I set myself the goal to make a remote controlled car that, this might seem quite easy to you, but for my past self it was way out of my league. However when the pandemic broke out last spring and we got into quarantine, I got into more complex electronics and around April I achieved my goal by making a car based on an Arduino Uno that could be controlled via an IR remote! I then put myself the goal to make a car that would be controlled through Bluetooth with my phone. This is where this Instructables comes into place. Enjoy!

Here is a list with the necessary components

Arduino Nano
2 x 200RPM N20 Micro Motors
DRV8833 Motor Driver
HC-06 (Bluetooth Module)
18650 Lithium Battery
Battery Holder
11mm x 6mm Slide Switch
M3 Screw (10mm) and Nut
Some Cables
4 x Normal Rubber Bands
A Soldering Iron
A 3D Printer
Some Filament (I used Prusament PETG)”

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