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I like very much to see robots walk like animals. Lot of Robots MIT Cheetah, Boston Spot wow amazing robots. Like wise very small robot i want to build. This is the version 1 i plan to upgrade more and more for this robot. In the first version i cover major portion. This robot Run, Walk, Crawl, Walk and run in different heights, take push ups(actually i plan for jump but this servo just push up), self check and say Hai. For the first time i use the 3D printed parts. Use android app to control the robot. On inspired of MIT Cheetah i did it so i name it as “BABY MIT CHEETAH”. The Baby cheetah size is only 23 cm X 9 cm X 9 cm.
The cheetah run in different heights and different height in front and back side. Turn in the same place.”

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