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If you own a bike then you know just how unpleasant potholes can be on your tires and your body. I had enough of blowing out my tires so I decided to design my very own led panel with the intent to use it as a bike light. One that focuses on being EXTREMELY bright to help see pot holes and for night time bike path riding. Now I know you’re thinking that it won’t be car friendly but for this bike light I added a dim mode that will be used for street riding while the bright mode will be used for paths. Everyone wins!
The beautiful part about this light is that I designed the light panels to be adaptable to more than just bike applications. It can be used for anything requiring extra light.
I will describe the panels more in depth in the next few steps but if you like the design and want to order your own boards feel free to use the gerber files attached in this step! Let’s get to it!
My panel uses 42 10mm leds and 14 resistors. The resistor value I used for my panel is 120ohm 1/4 watt. This value was calculated and tested and has proven to work great for this panel. The value you need may vary depending on your set up! My bike light uses two of these panels.
10mm white leds
resistors I used 120ohm
Led panel”

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