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Critter: 3D Printed Crawling Arduino Robot

The Critter is a 3D printed Arduino controlled crawling robotics kit. It was created by Slant Concepts as part of the LittleBots Robotics Kits project.
The Critter robotics kit is designed to be controlled from an Android bluetooth app that can work on phones or tablets. The app allows you to “drive” the Critter and control functions such as Dance and Autonomous Mode.
The Critter was created in order to introduce robotics beginners to the most basic components of walking robots and how they work. Since the Critter is a crawling robot there are few complexities and pitfalls when compared to other walking robots. It won’t fall over, and it is simplier to go into the code and change the gaits of the robot.
Even the Bluetooth app was created with MIT app Inventor so that beginners can replicate and build on the app.
If you would like a video version of this tutorial you may watch it here.”

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