In this project, you will build an 8x8x8 LED cube as a display. After building the cube and learning the code basics, you will be able to write your own display animations. It is a great visual for scientific purposes and it will be a nice decorative addition to your room! During the process of the cube-building, you will acquire a whole slew of basic electronics skills, which paves the way for more complex projects in the future.
This is my individual project for the Electronics course, and it took about five weeks. I spent 12 hours on this project per week, and I had access to the parts and tools typically found in a college electronics lab. It might also be good to know that, even though the workload is not a piece of cake, no hands-on expertise is required. Instead, you’ll gain much experience and learn from your own mistakes along the way.
Disclaimer: I borrowed the design and the code from Kevin Darrah ( who built an 8x8x8 RGB cube (thus tripling the work!). The waveform display is my own work. I strongly recommend watching all his LED videos before you start the project! They are extremely helpful in understanding how everything works, which is crucial for this complicated project! I gave brief explanations about the circuitry and the general architecture when I discuss the circuit connections and the code, so feel free to jump to that part first to gain a theoretical understanding:)”


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