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Build a Laser Harp From Scratch

This is actually a really simple circuit, using just one hex-inverter chip and a handful of small, common components. Discover step-by-step how this circuit works by building it on breadboard first with a detailed guide. Finally, build the finished instrument, tune it and play!

- Breadboard + jumper wires
- 1 piece 37x24 stripboard
- CD40106 IC x1
- 2N5457 x6
- 2N3904 x6
- Laser LED x6
- LDR x6
- 10k Trim pot x6
- 1k resistors x18
- 100k resistors x12
- 100nF capacitors x6
- 470nF capacitors x6
- Coloured wire (28AWG)
- 3.5mm jack socket
- 5.5mm DC jack socket
- Toggle switch
- 3mm Threaded Inserts x4
- M3 20mm nylon spacers & screws x2
- M3 Screws x6
- Plastic project box 100mm x 60mm x 25mm
- Amplifier or powered PC speakers + jack lead”

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