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Over Engineered True Random Value Generator

Random numbers are often used in daily for example in encryption, gambling, gaming and much more. These numbers are generated by computers using complex algorithm but it can be predicated if we know the seed value and the algorithm.
So this is my attempt to create over engineered and as far as possible most random number generator.

If not algorithms then what should be used to create random. This universe is the most unpredictable thing, then why not use its elements to generate random numbers.

Elements such as pressure, humidity, temperature, vapour pressure and many more. Sensors are available to measure such quantities but we will use ones which don’t need modules to measure.

Basic idea will be to sense a element -> produce a number correspondingly -> then pick a number from a number pool (which also be random one) do some operations over it which will depends on new number produced from element (can you guess what will be a number pool before it is introduced in step 7) and then display it.”

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