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Irrigation system

Measures soil moisture and lighting. watering plants when humidity is low and no sun through valve control. log data to SD card.

This system is for automating watering plants at home, it release you from manually watering the plants and it can save water and do the watering your garden more precise.

The software logic uses moisture light and temperature sensors to activate solenoid valve or/and water pump.

It have button to change sensor reading value display and water information on tft display. And Other button to change working mode, it can work on one of the modes: sensor mode, schedule mode or manually. and Third button for general purpose (watering cancel, set tank state and load config ).

The system have SD card for storing configuration information (CONFIG.TXT) and watering log file (DATALOG.CSV).

The config file holds the system property values

key value example :

lastWateringDate 13:38:58 19/9/2021
sensorLastWateringDate 09:44:52 1/1/1970
moistureWateringThreshhold 29
lightWateringThreshhold 100
wateringTime 120
schWateringTime 120
schWateringFrequency 86400
schLastWateringDate 08:49:53 22/9/2021
waterReservoirState 3.30
flowRate 0.01
defaultMode 1
A CLI logic was implemented throw Serial interface, commands :
log - print log file to terminal
log.del - delete log file
cfg - print config info to terminal
time – show system time
time.unixtime - set time
moisture.% - sets moisture Watering Threshhold”

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