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Make Your Own Underwater ROV

One day while I was on YouTube I saw a man is trying to recover something that missed in a lake using an underwater robot. I was so excited to know what is the magical robot and how it works.

After searching and reading about that robot, I found it’s a robot called underwater ROV(Remotely operated vehicle). Just not only taking an idea about ROV, I want to have my own one. When I seared for an ROV on eBay the result always came with the cost is higher than 1000$. But I am also cheap. Only one way left to come up with my dream. So I went with DIY. I found some people did the same procedure to build an ROV well. Why I can’t???? Finally, I came up with my dream!!!

This Instructable post will show you how to make your own Underwater ROV. An ROV is a robot-like submarine, but the way how submarine is functioning is quite different from an ROV. When writing this post I already finished building my ROV so, in some steps, I can’t show you how I build it with real images, but you can take a great idea than real with the scratch. Fusion 360 always with me, no need to be worry:). The below links are for the ROV builders who had done It well before me, go through their sites and videos before building your own.


1 x 8 Channel Relay Module
1 x FPV Camera
1 x 12v Battery
1 x RCA Cable
1 x Toggle Switch
1 x On/Off Switch
2 x Arduino Nano
2 x 18650 Battery
2 x 48mm Boat Propeller
3 x 1100GPH Bilge Pumps
6 x Momentary Push Buttons
8 x 1W LED
Twisted Twin TT Cables - 60meters


Soldering iron
PVC Glue
Glue Gun
PVC(Local Shop)

1 x 32mm Endcap
2 x 40mm Endcap
4 x 50mm Endcap
15 x 32mm T Junction
20 x 32mm Elbow
300mm long 50mm 32mm Pipe

Also Required

1 x Water Proof 2-way Connector
1 x 3-Way Connector
1 x Air Plane Propeller
1 x Waterproof 196 x 90 x 60mm Box(LxBxH)
10cmx10cm Acrylic Piece
1 x Box For Transmittter.
10mm Shrinking Tube


Arduino IDE
OBS Studio

100m Ethernet Cable”

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