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IR remote control Arduino based electric board

Arduino based electric board controlling system, Can be controlled using any universal IR remote. good IR receiving range and support 12 CH.

Hello guys, today we are going to make a remote-control universal switch on/off 3 channel circuit. Though this we can control any load like: fan, light, bulb, TV, charger or any other electrical appliances under 1000watts.

This circuit can be controlled using any IR (infrared) remote, it may be of Tv, A.C or any universal remote. We will build this circuit using very less and readily available components.

Basic Idea:
First of all, we will decode our IR remote to get proper data (HEX numbers) Example “F887E790”. Then according to the Hex values, we will program Arduino to make ON/OFF function. And collect the output from digital pins of Arduino. After that we will build a controlling circuit using transistor and optocoupler as a switch. Through this circuit Relay is controlled and we can connect any type of load to ON/OFF.”

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