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Night Light Motion & Darkness Sensing - No Micro

This instructable is about preventing you from stubbing your toe when walking through a dark room. You could say it is for your own safety if you get up at night and try to reach the door safely. Of course you could use a bedside lamp or the main lights because you have a switch right next to you, but how confortable is it, to dazzle your eyes with a 60W light bulb when you just woke up?
Its about a LED-strip you mount underneath your bed that is controlled by two sensors which detect motion and the level of darkness in your room. It will run at low power and brightness to provide a very pleasant light at night. There is also the capability for controlling the brightness-threshold to make it suitable for every environment. No microcontroller is needed to conduct this project. That reduces the number of necessary components and complexity. Furthermore it, it is a quite easy task if you already have some knowledge in electronics hardware circuitry.”

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