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SG3525 PWM module is a great tool for every hobbyist. This circuit can be used in various applications such as switching power supply, DC-DC converter, DC motor speed controller, LED dimer, High voltage power supply, solenoid driver, and electronic DC load. This low-cost pulse width modulator control circuit offers improved performance. The circuit has various options such as adjustable PWM, adjustable frequency, optional soft start, dual source/sink output with 50% duty cycle, single output with 0 to 100% duty cycle and output signal voltage level TTL-5V or 12V selection using a jumper. The 5V PWM signal is rated at low current hence don’t draw more than 20mA. The 12V outputs are capable to drive a MOSFET directly.

This module also has the feature of dual source/sink outputs. The output stages are totem-pole design capable of sinking and sourcing in excess of 200mA. The output stage of the SG3525A features NOR logic resulting in a low output for an off−state, both outputs are capable to drive the gate of a MOSFET. Open the jumpers J2 and J3 to set the module for source/sink mode. In this mode output frequency is 105Hz to 3.2Khz. Use R2 10 Ohms for source and sink mode.”

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