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Twenty years of a free, open web

Arduino FR632 RSSI Antenna Tracker V

ATtiny wearable V

Building an ESP8266 PC Power Cycler V

Dead Bug Doggie V

ESP32 With Arduino IDE - Multi-Core Programming V

Motorized Camera Slider V

Smart Bartender V

The Autonomous Remote Controlled Car V

Thermal Paper Polaroid V

Web IR Remote With Esp8266 (NodeMCU) V

Woodworking Angle Meter

Electronic Barometric Altimeter for Stratosphere Balloons

Grow It Yourself | GIY

IoT Weather Station With RPi and ESP8266

Morse Code Keyboard

Alexa-Enabled Death Star Lamp V

Breaking bottlenecks to the electronic-photonic information technology revolution

Cheaper and easier way found to make plastic semiconductors

Digital Pocket Powersupply

Force Jacket: Pneumatically-Actuated Jacket for Embodied Haptic Experiences V

Lab-on-a-chip delivers critical immunity data for vulnerable populations

Nanowires could make lithium ion batteries safer

NIST Team Shows Tiny Frequency Combs Are Reliable Measurement Tools

Prosthetic arms can provide controlled sensory feedback, study finds

Salt boosts creation of 2-D materials V

Spying Remote Control to Open a Garage With an App V

Surrey creates new tool to speed up the design of wearable tech

Transparent Eel-like Soft Robot Can Swim Silently Underwater V

Ugly Bug V

UMD Researchers Revive Old Chemistry to Create Safer Zinc Battery

UTA expands efforts to develop water recycling technologies

4-meter Tall Ridable Transforming Humanoid Robot “J-deite RIDE” Unveiled V

An Ionic Black Box

Arduino 18650 Battery Charger: Project 1

Arduino Star-Finder for Telescopes

Battery’s hidden layer revealed

Electronic paper made of “real” paper

Getting Electrons to Move in a Semiconductor

LED Cube Display V

Open Source Turtle Robot (OSTR)

Quantum Dots Enable Faster, Easier Photon Detection, More Secure Data

Researchers 3-D print electronics and cells directly on skin V

Researchers Create Precision Optical Components with Inkjet Printing

Smart House Telegram Bot With Nodemcu (esp8266, Relay, DS18B20)

STMicroelectronics and Jorjin Introduce Ultra-Low-Power Sigfox IoT Modules with Dual RF Connectivity

The MagPI 69

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) released

Writing and deleting magnets with lasers

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announces new back-biased differential linear Hall sensor IC

Arduino MIDI Stepper Synth V

Bluetooth Controlled Relays V

How Servo Motors Work & How To Control Servos using Arduino V

IOT123 - I2C DHT11 Brick

Mbed OS 5.8.3 released

Microenergy Supply without Battery and Cable

MoS2 transistor that can be used with bendable OLED displays

newelectronics 24 Abril 2018

Novamene, A Potential Breakthrough Material, To Be Synthesized With Khalifa University

Plotter and Laser With Raspberry Pi CNC Hat V

Pulp Nonfiction: Low-Cost Touch Tracking for Paper V

Research group tests innovative 3D printing process for space flight

The ‘Sup - a Mouse for Quadriplegics - Low Cost and Open Source

Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are So Efficient

A Simple Pressure Measurement Device for Educational Purposes

Advanced sensor to unlock the secrets of the brain

Applying Computer-Human Collaboration to Accelerate Detection of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Discovery of Metallic Glass

ATtiny85 LED Laser Light V

Chemical sleuthing leads to detection of little-known flame retardant in the environment

Conductive Paint Transforms Walls Into Sensors, Interactive Surfaces V

DIY Arduino Wordclock V

Energy efficiency on a roll V

ESP32 Deep Sleep Tutorial V

Espressif Mesh Development Framework

Four states of rotation

KAIST Develops Sodium Ion Batteries using Copper Sulfide

KAIST Succeeds in Producing 50x More Stable Adsorbent

Molecules Brilliantly Illuminated

Nanoparticle Breakthrough Could Capture Unseen Light for Solar Energy Conversion V

Neutrons provide insights into increased performance for hybrid perovskite solar cells

New research could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells

Paper As a Substrate for Circuits V

PC Controlled Robotic Arm

Quantum shift shows itself in coupled light and matter V

Simple ultrasonic levitation apparatus

Spectator Qubits Seek to Improve Control of Four Quantum Computing Systems

Strained materials make cooler superconductors

Surface engineering gets the red light

Telegram Bot Esp8266-001(Arduino UNO or NodeMCU)

The K7TMG HF morse code temperature beacon V

Tic Tac Toe on Arduino With AI (Minimax Algorithm) V

Versatile Volt, Ampere, and Power Meter V

Yale plays quantum catch in new research

3D Nanoprinting Facilitates Communication with Light

A powerful new source of high-energy protons

A web configurable Xively logger, build on AVR ATmega328 V

Gesture Control Robot

HackSpace magazine #6

IOT123 - LIR2032 Battery Brick

Kids MP3 Music Box


New record on squeezing light to one atom

Play Polyphonic Tones! V

Pulses of light with a tilt and a twist

Strong carbon fiber artificial muscles can lift 12,600 times their own weight V

The PNP Transistor: Characteristics and Applications

2D Arduino Plotter (arduino Uno, L293d, Cd-roms, Servo, Cd) V

A graphene roll-out V

ESP32 LoRa With Arduino IDE: Send and Receive TX RX V

ESP8266 Wemos Clock Scrolling Weather News and More V

Integrating optical components into existing chip designs

Iot123 - 3.3V Power Brick

Mc Lighting

NIST Issues First Call for ‘Lightweight Cryptography’ to Protect Small Electronics

Power Bank Inside a USB Cable V

Researchers Design ‘Soft’ Robots that Can Move on Their Own V

A Discrete Transistor 7400 NAND GATE

Digital IC Projects

ESP32 LORA - Alarm With IR Barrier V

Handbook of Transistor Circuits

IOT123 - 5Pin Attiny85 Nrf24L01 Brick

Premiere at Hannover Messe: Fully 3D-Printed Electric Motors

Researchers Engineer New Pathways for Self-Assembled Nanostructures

Robot Developed for Automated Assembly of Designer Nanomaterials

Some superconductors can also carry currents of ‘spin’

Transistor AF and RF Circuits

Transistor Circuit Manual

Worm-Inspired Tough Materials

Analog Engineer Circuit Cookbook: ADCs

Analog Engineer Circuit Cookbook: Op Amps

Arduino UNO Learning Shield by Ardumotive V

Conductive Printing Project V

DDC I2C KVM with mouse + keyboard controlled by hand gestures V

Display Commute Time on LCD Using Raspberry Pi

ESP8266: How to Monitor Temperature and Humidity V

From insulator to conductor in a flash

Individual impurity atoms detectable in graphene

Introducing Microsoft Azure Sphere: Secure and power the intelligent edge V

Research Team Engineers a Better Plastic-Degrading Enzyme

The thermodynamics of computing

Two Robots Are Better than One for NIST’s 5G Antenna Measurement Research

Variation of origami poised to improve smart clothing

Wiggling atoms switch the electric polarization of crystals

2nd Generation AMD Ryzen Processors: Ultimate Desktop CPUs for High-Performance Computing Available April 19 Worldwide

3D single-atom force sensor goes sub-attonewton

A universal design for superconducting qubits has been created

Arduino LED Bonsai Tree V

Convert Your IR Remote to RF Remote V

Fast! Hard X-Ray Flash Breaks Speed Record

GamePi XS - the Plug’n’Play Emulation Station

Go on very small hardware (Part 1)

IOT123 - HV ATTINY85 Fuse Resetter V

Micro:bit Snake Game

New technology could wean the battery world off cobalt

PID Temperature Controller

Pro Tips for ESP8266

“Quasi-Non-Volatile” Memory Looks to Fill Gap Between Volatile and Non-Volatile Memory

Reflow Soldering Hotplate

Researchers develop more comprehensive acoustic scene analysis method

Small, Powerful and Cheap Bench Power Supply From ATX Power Supply

Temperature and Humidity Chart With OLED Display V

‘Tunguska’-Size Asteroid Makes Surprise Flyby of Earth

Web-Connected SMART LED Animation Clock With Web-based Control Panel, Time Server Synchronized V

Wireless Servo Control

Anomalous and topological Hall effects can be controlled by an electric field

Arduino Home Automation

Astrophysics CubeSat Demonstrates Big Potential in a Small Package

Chaos makes quantum sensors work more precisely

Could holey silicon be the holy grail of electronics?

Customizable Fan Grill Cover

DIY -Prototype- Arduino Timed USB Charger

Executive Decision Maker V

Hologram Projector With Pi V

Make Your Own Sensored ESC V

Mini Toolkit for Measurements: New NIST Chip Hints at Quantum Sensors of the Future

One step closer to using nanoporous graphene in smart filters and sensors V

Polymer synthesis gets a jolt of caffeine

PolyU intelligent 3D human modelling technology projecting body shape and size accurately within 10 seconds V

Portable, Variable Power Supply

Quantum physicists achieve entanglement record German-Austrian research team develop new detection method

Setup DS1302 RTC Module With Keypad + Arduino + LCD V

Spinmatic! - Automated Film Development V

The Future of Ultrafast Solid-State Physics

UNH Researchers Find Combination For Small Data Storage and Tinier Computers

USB Dial V

Wi-Fi Browser Controlled Robotic Arm

World’s first electrified road for charging vehicles opens in Sweden V

22 Tested Circuits Using Micro Alloy Transistors

3-D printed active metamaterials for sound and vibration control

3dPrinted Ring Light V

A Designer’s Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers

Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor Based Radar on SLabs-32 IOT Board

Audio Hacking with the esp8266 V

Custom Macro Mechanical Keypad

DIY Powerful Induction Heater V

Eleven Tested Transistor Circuits using Prefabricated Circuit Units

How to Make a Mini Weather Status Display V

Iot123 - Sr04 Distance Trigger Brick

LED Ring From Recycled Bike Rim V

Mbed OS 5.8.2 released

Moderm Transistor Circuits for Beginners

NASA’s Juno Mission Provides Infrared Tour of Jupiter’s North Pole V

New sodium-ion electrolyte may find use in solid-state batteries

newelectronics 10 de Abril 2018

Practical Transistor Audio Amplifiers for the Home Constructor

Practical Transistor Receivers Book I

RR Remote Control Detective

Seeing How Next-Generation Batteries Power-Up

Simple Gesture Control Using IR Sensors

Solar cells enable self-powered camera

Super Bright / Variable Brightness LED PANEL V

The Transistor Superhet

Thin Engineered Material Perfectly Redirects and Reflects Sound

Transistor Audio Amplifier Manual

Transistor Circuits Manual No. 4

Transistor Circuits Manual No. 5

Transistor Subminiature Receivers Handbook for the Home Constructor

“Waste Heat” Can Be Converted Into Electricity, Research Finds

WHAT ENGINE IS THAT? - Step Motor Laboratory V

Arduino Snake on a VGA Monitor V

Artificial intelligence in action

Blazing a Path for Buried Bits in Quantum Chips

Cheaper, less toxic and recyclable light absorbers for hydrogen production

Diamond-Based Circuits Can Take the Heat for Advanced Applications

Discovery could make ultra-powerful batteries safer, more efficient

ESP32 LORA: Gas Sensor, Moisture, and Temperature by SMS V

ESP32 OBD-II Emulator

Gecko-inspired adhesives help soft robotic fingers get a better grip V

Gold changes the photoluminescence of silicon quantum dots

Making computer animation more agile, acrobatic - and realistic V

Microsemi Reaches Key Production-Qualification Milestone for its Award-Winning PolarFire FPGA Family

Multimedia Desktop Controller

NeoPixel Manicure

NIST’s New Quantum Method Generates Really Random Numbers

Photonic communication comes to computer chips

Rice U. tech will power first fully programmable wireless network

Twenty-four EU countries sign artificial intelligence pact in bid to compete with US & China

Use Python, Zynq and OpenCV to Implement Computer Vision

Arduino Tutorial: JARVIS v1 | How to make a Home Automation V

BionicFlyingFox V

Control Your Car with Alexa

Control Your ESP8266 From the Internet? Free and Easy V

Dashboard Keyboard With LCD Display and Arduino Uno V

Doing the Nano-Shimmy

Fizzle Loop Synth - 555 Timer V

High efficiency solar power conversion allowed by a novel composite material

Infrared Sensor With ESP8266 V

Light Following Robot V

Public Domain Involute Parameterized Gears: Powered Up

Self-learning Chaotic Robot

Tiny Injectable Sensor Could Provide Unobtrusive, Long-term Alcohol Monitoring

Two-toned light pattern creates steep quantum walls for atoms

Using the 1.44″ Color TFT display (ILI9163C) with Arduino V

16 Relay Module With Raspberry Pi 3 Using Socket V

A new JPEG format for virtual reality, drones and self-driving cars

Arduino MEGA 2560 with WIFI built-in - ESP8266 V

Chaos that will keep you warm: Bayreuth researchers improve heat insulation using deliberate chaos

Create your robot with Micro:bit

Electron beams that chop themselves

How to Cool a Smart Phone: NUST MISIS Scientists Develop Effective Heat Conductors for Electronics

LTB Weather Station

Notre dame researchers developing renewable energy approach for producing ammonia

Pixel Art LED Frame With Free Bluetooth Apps V

Room Temperature Widget

Smart ink adds new dimensions to 3-D printing

Sonar Alarm

Word of the Day Display With IoT V

Amplifier Tone Control V

Arduino CNC Drawing Machine (or the Road to Success) V

Automatic Water Level Controller Using Transistors or 555 Timer IC

Cheap and Simple Arduino Eggbot V

Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently” V

Crash! Scientists explain what happens when nanoparticles collide

DIY Motorized Camera Slider

Double perovskites in environmentally friendly solar cells

“Frogs” and “mushrooms” bubble up in quantum fluids V

HD Engine With Arduino V

Iron Man Arc Reactor Necklace V

Led VU Meter

Linking Localized Corrosion of Stainless Steel to Titanium

Mind Control Drone V

Researchers at Purdue, Stanford devise novel ultrafast laser beam steering for autonomous cars that is less complex, uses less power

Test Any MCU Using Only 4 I/O Lines

VSS Unity First Powered Flight

A mechanically robust but readily repairable polymer

Arduino Pocket Game Console + A-Maze - Maze Game

Breakthrough made in atomically thin magnets

ESP32 / 8266 WiFi Signal Strength V

Fraunhofer solves networked sensors’ energy problems

Graphene eating silkworms can spin for wearable electronics

Harmonic Function Generator

How to Add BLE5 to a Project with a GT-tronics BLE5 Module

Infinity Mirror Scuba Mask V

Innovative Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator from STMicroelectronics Packs Big Performance in Tiny Footprint

LED BLE Hearty Necklace/Badge V

LX’ Arduino Tetris V

Make Your Own Graphical Weather Station

Maxim’s Low-Power Microcontrollers Extend Battery Life for Wearables and Other Compact Devices

newelectronics 27 de Março 2018

NUS-led research team develops cost effective technique for mass production of high-quality graphene

SD Card Module With ESP8266 V

The Smallest and Cutest Arduino Obstacle Avoidance Robot Ever

Visual, Audio and Touch Reaction Time Meter V

Automatic Drone Lap Timer - 3D Printed, Arduino Powered. V

Micro Soldering Station

Music Reactive Infinite Mirror V

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Microcontroller (Arduino)

Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Films for High-Density Data Storage

Scientists create “Swiss army knife” for electron beams

Berkeley Lab Scientists Print All-Liquid 3-D Structures V

Innovative detectors quickly pinpoint radiation source

Intel Core i9 Processor Comes to Mobile: The Best Gaming and Creation Laptop Processor Intel Has Ever Built V

Kesterite solar cells: germanium promises better opto-electronic properties than tin

NASA Selects Lockheed Martin Skunk Works to Build X-Plane

Researchers Seek to Improve Quality Control for Nanomanufacturing

Tuning in to magnetic ink

What a mesh

4 Channel Relay Shield for Arduino UNO

4x4x4 DotStar LED Cube on Glass PCBs

Arduino Mega Based Basic Computer.

Build Your Own Drawing Machine V

CircuitPython Essentials

ESP32 Long Distance - LoRaWan V

Lab scientists successfully print glass optics

Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 4.16

Neopixel Light Up Sushi Serving Board V

Step/dir signal to CW/CWW signal converter for CNC & motion control systems

Tetris Time on a P10 RGB Matrix With ESP8266

3D Printing: Robotic Claw with Arduino V

Driving a Relay With an Arduino V

Engineers turn plastic insulator into heat conductor

Motion Controlled Bed Lights V

Physicists reveal material for high-speed quantum internet

SpeedTest: Arduinos - ESP32 / 8266s - STM32 V