A walking insect looking thing made from leftovers.

Here is a quick and easy little robot that can be built and assembled in about half an hour with the right tools and parts.

I didn’t invent it. I saw a video of a thing like this on youTube and thought ‘Hey, that looks fun, Ill build one’

So I grabbed some servos out of my junk box, an old cellphone battery I had kept in the hope of finding something cool to do with it, an arduino pro 3.3v that I had bought on a whim because I needed to reach the quota for free delivery and went to work.

An hour or so later, here it was!

Let’s start with the basic assembly.

Cut off the mounting arm that’s opposite the side where the wires come out on one of the servos (This will be your back servo). The back servo points down and the other forward. You can use glu or cable ties to keep them together.”


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