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Smart adaptor for existing switch which gets triggered based on human presence.

The word home automation or Smart Home was coined in 1984 by the American Association of House Builders but it was still just a distant dream back then!, Even though the first remote control toy boat was invented back in 1898 by Nikola Tesla. Then in 1975, the first general-purpose home automation network technology X10 was developed. It is a communication protocol for electronic devices. By 2020 its a whopping US$12.81 billion industry.

The basic control loop for all these devices is very simple as shown below.

Here there will be a sensor converting real-world physical value to an electrical signal such as voltage or current in the case of analog and value in the case of digital and reporting it to a microcomputer called microcontroller which contains a predefined set points which will compare the current sensor reading with setpoint readings and takes the action accordingly.

Our goal here is to make a servo motor based automated switch can be retrofitted on to current switchboard. Current home automation solutions are not portable and require professionals to install the wiring and other setups. Here in order to make your home smart no need to replace both switchboard and lights. That’s why this solution is important.”

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