A Simple Pressure Measurement Device for Educational Purposes

Below you find a very simple and easy to build device to demonstrate pressure measurements. It might be usable for schools or other STEM related projects, but may also be adapted to be integrated into other devices. While there are several sensor breakouts for pressure measurements available today, I was missing a simple and cheap device to play with these and use them for educational purposes.My construct basically consists of a large syringe and a sensor breakout placed inside of the syringe. The breakout is connected to a microcontroller with a set of cables going through the outlet of the syringe. The outlet of the syringe is sealed airtight using hot glue or some other method, resulting in a defined volume of air trapped inside the syringe.The sensor is then connected to an Arduino or another microcontroller. By movement of the plunger of the syringe, the pressure inside will be changed. The measurements can be displayed in real time using the serial monitor or serial plotter of the Arduino IDE, or other tools available could be used for this purpose.”