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My minimal Arduino Nano board

I made this development board to use in prototypes which I want for a long time. This will save me a lot of money and equal compatibility.

Sometimes I must prototype my projects to kept them working for a long time. And most of the work is Around Arduino specially atmega328p microcontroller. It is an 8-bit microcontroller which can work up to 20Mhz frequency. On the Arduino hub there are a lot of sensor interfacing tutorial and free sketches you can access and repeat the projects. So that you can get familiar with the working and coding and design your own embedded system in future. But sometimes I need those prototype projects for a long run and in that case having only one Arduino shield and program it in different ways is so irritating. Arduino boards costs much than the microcontroller unit.

That’s why the idea of minimal Arduino board comes into my mind. And to keep it simple and fully compatible I removed all the protection, programming electronics stuff. And this time I want to go with the DIP version of microcontroller which costs less than SMT. The reason to make the Arduino board minimal is to reduce the overall cost and pin compatibility with Arduino Nano. In this way it can directly replace the Arduino Nano board.


- Atmega328P DIP
- 16MHz crystal
- AMS1117 5V
- 100nf capacitor
- 10k, 1k resistor
- Custom PCB

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