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Digital Pocket Powersupply

Ever wanted a powersupply that you can use on the go, even without a wall outlet nearby? And wouldn’t it be cool if it was also very precise, digital, and controllable via PC and your phone?
In this instructable I will show you how to build exactly that: a digital powersupply, which is powered over USB C. It is arduino compatible and can be controlled via the PC over USB or via your phone over Bluetooth.
This project is an evolution of my previous powersupply, which was battery operated and has a display and knobs. Check it out here! However, I wanted to go smaller, so that’s why I made this!
The powersupply can be powered from a USB C battery bank or phone charger. This allows for up to 15W of power, which is enough to power most low power electronics! To have a good UI on such a small device, I included Bluetooth and an Android app for the controls.This makes this powersupply ultra portable!
I will show the whole design process, and all project files can be found on my GitHub page:
Let’s get started!”

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