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G300 - 3D Printed CNC Machine

About 6 months ago I started designing a cnc machine that allowed me to carry out some milling works; the design phase was very demanding in terms of time because it involved both the mechanical and the electronic parts.I decided to call this machine G300 because 300 is the overall spending target that I set myself, which I was able to meet. I intend to use the G300 mainly on wood and plastic sheets (PP and PE) but I believe it can also be used for aluminum.

Before starting I analyzed some of the existing projects and I particularly appreciated the works of Nikodem Bartnik and Topsie, whom I thank for the contribution they have given to the world of open CNCs and for having given the community some beautiful projects from which, I too was able to draw inspiration.

In the creation of my proposal I was inspired by existing solutions and I evaluated each component with my personal ranking of importance:

does it allow me to meet the target budget?
is it an optimal solution?
is it strong enough?
does it have adequate reliability and durability?
I have therefore roughly established the characteristics of my CNC, which will consist of:

Frame with 2040 aluminum profiles;
625ZZ V-Slot wheels;
GT2 fiber-reinforced belts;
Lead Screw for the Z axis;
3D printed elements in PLA;
Arduino with GRBL;
Nema23 motors with TB6600;
Katsu router (Makita RT0700C clone);
For my applications I was interested in having a working area of about 600x450mm and a vertical excursion of about 60mm; the overall size of the CNC (excluding the electronics box) is about 1000x800mm. In case you require a different working area, keep in mind that the aluminum profiles in the X axis must be longer by at least 130mm of the required size, while in the Y axis by at least 160mm.”

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