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RDH RasDuinoHat SDK - Concept Beta Arduino Raspberry PiHat

This SDK will convert and stack various Arduinos to/from a Raspberry Pi. Thus the name RasDuinoHat project was formed.

The Seed to experimenting
With so many different Arduino boards available and various SDK’s on the market, a challenge to myself back in 2017 era was to make a small PiHat board which was able to interface to the majority of boards, so for example, an Arduino Pro Mini could use a Raspberry Pi shield, or visa versa.

The reason for this was that like most of use, we have a box full of ‘stuff’ and whenever you need a specific board, you cannot find one spare. So the RasDuinoHat was my answer!

The interfaces connect to the following, including 3V3 or 5V GPIO:

- Arduino Nano
- Arduino Pro Mini
- Arduino Pro Mini Clone
- Arduino Uno
- Olimexino 32U4
- NodeMCU ESP8266
- Raspberry Pi 2
- Raspberry Pi 3
- Raspberry Pi Zero
- Banana Pi
- Orange PI
- Nano Pi
- Plus many more that use the Pi GPIO format!”

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