J-deite Ride LLP, Asratec Corp. (“Asratec”, a robot software company of the SoftBank Group),Sansei Technologies, Inc. (“Sanesi”), and BRAVE ROBOTICS Inc. (“BRAVE ROBOTICS”) announced a prototype of the ridable transforming humanoid robot “J-deite RIDE”.

J-deite RIDE is a 4-meter tall robot that can transform from a bipedal walking humanoid form (robot mode) to a wheel-driven form (vehicle mode) and back. Up to two people can ride the robot and is operable from the driver’s seat. It can also be operated by remote-control via wireless network. BRAVE ROBOTICS designed and developed the hardware, including the unique transforming mechanism, and Asratec’s robot control system “V-Sido” performs the robot motions such as the transformation, bipedal walking, wheel driving and more. Mechanical designer Kunio Okawara cooperated in the robot design.

J-deite RIDE will be showcased at “GoldenWeek DOKIDOKI Festa All Working Cars Assemble!”, which will be held from April 28 to May 6, 2018 (shown only on May 5). It is also planned for exhibition at one of the biggest attraction trade shows in the world “IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018”, which will be held November in Florida, USA.

Sansei will seek to develop and commercialize transforming robot type amusement rides for amusement parks, such as “transforming go-karts” or “transforming demonstrations at parades”, with use of the transforming technology of J-deite RIDE.

J-deite Ride LLP is recruiting sponsors for J-deite RIDE. Sponsors will be able to use J-deite RIDE for exhibitions, promotions, event performances and more.”