It isnt common for a relatively small microcontroller to have two cores. This is precisely why we will highlight today this marvel of ESP32, which is Multi-Core Programming. I have already mentioned this in other videos, which I intend to talk more about in a complete playlist. I also plan to discuss the FreeRTOS (Free real-time operating systems), which is an operating system for microcontrollers that allows for easy programming, deployment, protection, connection and management for devices of small and low capacity. Returning to the topic of todays project, let’s create a program where different tasks are executed simultaneously in different cores. To do so, we will introduce you to Multi-Core Programming in ESP32 in order to know its main functions.
In our assembly, as shown in the image above, we use an i2c display, a button, a LED, and a source from 110 to 5v, which feeds our circuit.”


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