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Today, I will show you a “long-distance” and “high-precision” self-made high-standard measuring scale. High-end applications only require the best-quality ingredients and the simplest production methods. I have been busy for a few hours…

Go ahead! Let’s see it.

Step1: DF Selected
Infrared Laser Distance Sensor (50m/80m)
This is the gospel for OCD patient ——— an infrared laser distance sensor with an error within only 1mm. It is a high-performance distance sensor with high precision, long-distance use, visible infrared laser, small field of view and other characteristics. The indoor measurement distance is as high as 80m, and the outdoor measurement distance is as high as 50m. it is equipped with serial port to output, and is also compatible with various control boards such as Arduino.

Step2: Operations
Hardware Connection Diagram

PS: How to make your wiring connected and not easily dropped? How can it be connected without damaging the terminal, how can the wire be reused, and how to debug is convenient and practical?

My lazy whimsy: the cooperation of conductive tape + insulating tape. The conductive tape increases the conductivity of the wires at each end, which can better make the wires tightly entangled, and will not affect the mutual conduction. Using the strong insulating tape, what a perfect couple.”

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