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Planck Constant Apparatus and Calculations

Planck constant (h) is one of the fundamental physics constants and the most important constant in quantum mechanics. When I was studying physics years ago, I fall in love with Quantum Mechanics and now I have decided to conduct simple experiment to calculate Planck constant at home.
In this instructables I will show you how to make an apparatus that can be used to calculate Planck constant and, also how to measure the turn-on voltage and IV characteristic for different colour LEDs. This time I only used hand tools so anyone can make it at home.
NOTE: Optionally I have included files for 3D printing and laser cutting in case you have an access to any of that equipment.

- 220 Ohm 0.5W resistor
- 2k Ohm potentiometer
- 12-way rotary switch (1P12T)
- 6 x 4mm banana terminals (3 black, 3 red)
- 3 x 4mm banana leads
- Potentiometer knob (optional)
- Rotary switch knob (optional)
- 300mm x 100mm x 3mm perspex
- 4 rubber feet
- 8mm OD Perspex tube (optional)
- A4 sticky label sheet
- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple LEDs
- Cyan LED
- IR 850 LED
- IR 940 LED
- Equipment wire

- 5V power supply
- Jigsaw
- Dril
- Voltmeter
- Ameter (optional)
- Soldering iron
- Equipment wire
- Ink/laser printer
- CO2 laser cutter (optional)
- 3D printer (optional)
- Wire strippers/cutters”

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