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Pandemic Dayclock with Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Pandemic DayClock, with temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors. With web interfaces to access the data (HTML/XML/JSON). Also OTA update capability.

I saw and printed both the hemisphere clock and pointer. I wanted to have some progress during the day, instead of an update once per day, so I started updating the code to provide an hourly update of the pointer.

Then it went off the rails…

I obtained a MHZ-19B CO2 sensor which I use as a measure of the indoor air quality of my little basement workspace. So I wanted to expose these measurements in some way, so I used a standard 1602a LCD panel to display the temperature, humidity, and CO2 level. Then I was interested in providing this data for further analysis, so I added XML and JSON interfaces to pull the data as well as a UDP push source, and an auto-updating web page view.

I finally added OTA update capability so I don’t have to walk 3 feet across my room, unplug the power source, and plug it into USB to reprogram it. “

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