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Arduino Binary Clock - 3D Printed

I’ve been looking at Binary clocks for some time for my office desk, however they’re quite expensive and / or don’t have a huge amount of features. So I decided I would make one instead. One point to consider when making a clock, Arduino / Atmega328 isn’t very accurate over larger periods of time (some people have seen more than 5 minutes of error in 24 hours) so for this project we’ll use an RTC (Real Time Clock) Module to keep the time. These also have an added bonus that they have their own back up battery so the time won’t be lost in case of power failure. I opted for the DS3231 module as its acurate to 1 minute per year but you could also use a DS1307 but its not as accurate. Obviously you don’t need to use all these features, you could just make the basic binary clock and save maybe £10 - to £12 in the process. I went for a 12 hour clock format to keep the size down and to reduced LED counts and it’s easier to read too. (Common sense is all you usually need to work out if its AM or PM!!)”

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