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Tiny Moon Tide Clock

This is a project being done with the Alaska SeaLife Center. They were interested in a sea-related project that would involve their students in electronic construction and monitoring of the ocean environment. The design is relatively cheap to build for a large number of students — about $8.00. The software used is a modified version used in the large solar based tide clock but reduced in size and uses coin-cell batteries instead of solar power. I imagine with daily queries of the clock the batteries should last a couple years—and they are easily replaced. The form factors were fun to come up with and introduced me to 3D printing. Also the circuit board design was a first and enables very fast construction of these units—I can build one from components to pushing the button in about 15 minutes. The housings take a little longer to come out of the printer about 1.5 hours. They require no support structures. They are fun little clocks and worked very well attached to our sea kayaks on our last outing. You can also stick them to your refrigerator. A tide clock that looks like the moon with a rocket coming out is cool anywhere.”

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