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openwifi: Linux mac80211 compatible full-stack IEEE802.11/Wi-Fi design based on SDR (Software Defined Radio).

This repository includes Linux driver and software. openwifi-hw repository has the FPGA design. [Project document]

[Demo video and video download] [openwifi maillist] [Cite openwifi project]

Openwifi code has dual licenses. AGPLv3 is the opensource license. For non-opensource license, please contact Openwifi project also leverages some 3rd party modules. It is user’s duty to check and follow licenses of those modules according to the purpose/usage. You can find an example explanation from Analog Devices for this compound license conditions. [How to contribute].


802.11n MCS 0~7 (Only PHY rx for now. Full system support of 802.11n will come soon)
20MHz bandwidth; 70 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range
Mode tested: Ad-hoc; Station; AP, Monitor
DCF (CSMA/CA) low MAC layer in FPGA (10us SIFS is achieved)
Configurable channel access priority parameters:
duration of RTS/CTS, CTS-to-self
Time slicing based on MAC address
Easy to change bandwidth and frequency:
2MHz for 802.11ah in sub-GHz
10MHz for 802.11p/vehicle in 5.9GHz
On roadmap: 802.11ax
Performance (AP: openwifi at channel 44, client: TL-WDN4200 N900 USB Dongle):

AP —> client: 30.6Mbps(TCP), 38.8Mbps(UDP)
client —> AP: 17.0Mbps(TCP), 21.5Mbps(UDP)”

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