Pro Tips for ESP8266

I am sure, every maker and hobbyist are familiar with ESP8266 and I hope you also have some previous hands-on experience with the ESP8266 wifi transceiver. In this Instructable, I am not going to discuss the basic, how to get started etc. You will find tons of tutorials on the internet about these. If you want to develop a professional product using ESP8266 this instructable is for you.
In this instructable I am going to discuss:
1. How to configure wifi credentials on the runtime without hardcoding
2. Which battery technology is best for a specific application
3. Which voltage regulator is best for ESP8266
4. How to run your ESP8266 more than a year using AAA cell
5. How to reduce power consumption of ESP8266
6. How to update your ESP8266 over the year (OTA)
7. How to make you ESP8266 supper fast”