IOT123 - LIR2032 Battery Brick

The IOT123 BRICKS are DIY modular units that can be mashed up with other IOT123 BRICKS, to add functionality to a node or wearable. They are based on the inch square, double-sided protoboards with interconnected through holes.
Although the instructions relate to a semi-permanent bond between the BRICKS, the male pin joiner described here can be swapped for a pair (male on consumer/female on provider) of header pins for easy assembly. Also the pin contract (position and meaning of interconnecting pins) relates to the ATTINY85 NRF24L01 BRICKS, but can be modified to suit any other IOT123 BRICK contract.
A switch is sandwiched between the 2 PCBs and the +ve/GND pin are exposed for consumption by other BRICKS. The battery holder is facing down (as it is the less frequented exposed surface) and has a pair of header feet for support/stability.”


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