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Random Number Generator using common Geiger counter

This project permits the creation of RNG generators based on nuclear decay, interfacing a Geiger counter with audio exit to a MC. It’s an evolution of my previous project you find here:

NuclearRNG text Here

Theoretically it permits the conversion of any Geiger with audio feedback to an RNG in fact, differently from its predecessor, this appliance doesn’t use exotic hardware but standard Geiger counters. A Raspberry Pico W is employed as microcontroller platform.

A Raspberry Pico (RP2040) is employed as microcontroller platform;
An OpAmp based circuit raises the audio signal level of the Geiger “pulses” captured using the audio jack:

Algorithm and Features:
Two thread are in execution : one for Geiger pulses sampling, another to provide RNGs via socket;
In the main loop, a register is cyclically increased from 0 to 15, when it reaches 15 is reset to 0. When a particle is detected, the current value is stored in queue ready to be deployed on request;
Default queue length is 10240 bytes.”

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