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This project aims to demonstrate how to turn Pico W into BLE-to-Ethernet central using WIZnet W5100S

Few days ago Raspberry Pi released new SDK that added missing feature to Pico W - Bluetooth support. For more information please refer to this RPi blog post.

In the Connecting to the Internet with Raspberry Pi Pico W book there are great examples to get started. At the time of writing this post there were examples only for C and Micropython.

I have never tried coding in Micropython, so this time I decided to challenge myself and learn something new :)

Project idea
In the book there are examples how to turn Pico W into BLE sensor and central. I decided to add Ethernet connectivity to BLE central and transmit data from BLE sensor to MQTT broker on my PC.

Sounds easy and simple right? But as usual, devil is in the details. As it is my first time working with Micropython I had no idea where to start.

First, I started my study from WIZnet SDK for HAT and Micropython. This gave me the information where to start and what to do.

As bluetooth support was added in latest commits, I needed to build a firmware for Pico W that would include WIZNET5K library.

I will skip the phase with WSL installation and configuration of Micropython on local machine.”

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