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How to Make Simple Nodemcu Robotic Car

Hey, guys in this article we will see how to make this simple and amazing Robotic car., If you are a beginner in Robotics you must definitely give it a try to build this amazing robot.

I have given all the Arduino codes and circuit diagrams and a very detailed explanation about building this project.

Now let us go through some of the basic information about this project that we are building.

What is a Robotic car?

It is nothing but a car that can move in multiple directions the special thing about this robot that we are building is it can be controlled via smartphone.

And mainly, Except from the ordinary left, right, front, and back we can control this robot to move in sideways also and another special thing is this robot uses the in-expensive Nodemcu board which is known for its cost to-function-factor.

If you have any questions in the build part you can watch the video given at the end of this article.

Now let us see the materials required to build this robot car.


- BO Motor x4
- Nodemcu
- Empty PCB and headers
- 7805 VR
- L293D Motor driver
- Plexi board for the base
- Wheels
- Lithium-ion battery with holder
- Hot glue
- Arduino software
- Soldering lead and iron”

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