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How to Use/configure a Bluetooth Module

This is about using Bluetooth Modules.

- The cheep ones from eBay.
- There two main types, 4 pin (HC-06) and 6 pin (HC-05).

Please Note!

- When I say HC-05 and HC-06 I am refiring to the Module name, not the Bluetooth chip on the module.

As I may do projects that use a Bluetooth Module I thought I would this Instructable so I can refer to it from other Instructables. (save repeating things haha.)

- It could be something others could refer to who also use a Bluetooth Module in the projects.
- I hope it gives a bit more understanding, using them.

Not all Manufactures use the same AT commands to set the parameters of there Bluetooth Microprocessors.

- This Instructable will go over the basics to change the speed and Name of the two main types of Bluetooth Modules.
I would say that the majority of Bluetooth Modules are 3.3 volt devices.

- Although most say 5 volt compatible. this is only refiring to the power.
- I will also show details how I prefer to connect these modules to a microcontroller with 5 volt GPIO pins.

- I assume that you know about Arduino code.
- I assume you know how to use the Arduino IDE.”

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