8*16 LED matrix display with bluetooth low energy to connect to any smart phone

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

This LED matrix is a heart shaped circuit which you can make/buy(from me) and gift to your valentine or crush and spread your love. It can be worn as a necklace or as a badge. It has got BLE so you can display any text message on the necklace using a smart phone.

In this project I have shared my personal motivation for making this necklace.
If you have ever fallen in love then you know how it feels. Your days become nights and the nights become your days. You feel high on air with increased energy and sleeplessness. With this much energy you wouldn’t be able to control yourself from expressing your love to your partner. Everyone has a different way of expressing love. Some buy things for their loved ones while others decide to make something special for them. Being a maker myself I decided to make something special for my valentine to make her feel special this Valentine’s day.

This was my first Valentine’s day ever so I decided to make it special by giving her a surprise, but later I couldn’t resist and told her that I am making an LED display necklace cum badge for her with a secret text message scrolling on it. She liked the overall idea but she also asked for an extra feature to change the text messages on desire. So I modified the design and added a bluetooth low energy to upload any text message to it using an android phone.

And that’s her wearing the necklace :)”


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