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In this article, we are going to discuss LoRaWAN, a network that travels with little energy. But for just how far? With the chip I use in the video, the ESP32, the control distance reaches 3.6 kilometers. So today, we talk about the characteristics of the chip and the LoRa network, which was practically made for IoT (Internet of Things).
In the assembly, in the example of Heltec, with the ESP32 plus the SX1276 chip, we have Sender sending the data packet to the Receiver. In the green head device, the Receiver, we have the signal that is at -9dB. This is because the antennas are practically glued and extremely close, but as you move them away from each other, you can see that the signal strength decreases, reaching -124dB when you stop to receive the information. In the same display, Rx9 bytes indicate the packet size and Hello is the string that the yellow cable device, Sender, is sending. In Sender, we also have a LED flashing at 500 milliseconds.”

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