RR Remote Control Detective

The IR Remote Control Detective decodes the signal from several common types of infrared remote control, such as audio, TV, and hobbyist remote controls. To use it you point a remote control at the receiver and press a key; it will then identify the protocol, and display the address and command corresponding to the key:

It’s based on an ATtiny85, an infrared receiver, and a 128x32 I2C OLED display. I originally built it to help design a project based on an IR remote control. It will be useful if you’re trying to automate the control of an existing domestic device using its infrared remote control codes, or you want to make a device you can control with an existing remote control.

Once you’ve used the IR Remote Control Detective to find out what codes your remote control generates you could use it to control your own project using the receive routine in this program. You could also build a replacement remote control to control your equipment using the transmit routines in my earlier articles: IR Remote Control Tool, IR Remote Control Tool (NEC), or Sony NEX/Alpha Remote Control.”