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ATtiny Game Boy

This is my version of a mini game console based around the ATtiny85 microcontroller. There are countless iterations of this type of game console utilizing an ATtiny chip that you can find online. I had a few of these chips laying around after finishing my previous project, Pocket Dice! and wanted to make my own! In my version, my goal was to celebrate the simplicity of the circuit by displaying it in a “see-through” case. Many versions utilize a custom PCB, but I thought it would be awesome solder all of the connections by hand and see them in the final product. My other goal included a way to easily change out the ATtiny chip to play different games. If you’re looking for a quick weekend project, follow along for my complete build process.
Inspiration for this project came from electronoobs.

- ATtiny85 microcontroller
- I2C 128x64 OLED
- Piezo speaker
- CR2032 battery and holder
- 2x 1K Ohm resistors
- 2x 6x6mm push buttons
- 1 mini slide switch
- Solid core wire
- clear acrylic
- 2 x ball-point pen springs
- 4 x M2 circuit board standoffs
- 4 x M2 screws

- Wire cutters/strippes
- Tiny AVR programmer
- soldering iron/solder
- 3D printer (optional)
- PCB 12-in-1 multitool (optional)”

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