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ello friends in this post we’ll se how easily we can build a Attiny based mini game console.

In this mini game console you can play some retro games, which is obviously not very high tech but yes you get a good experience of making your own game console.

So in post I’ll tell you in detail how to can build you game console what components you need and how to program Attiny 85 microcontroller.

Components required for Attiny based mini game console
Here is the list of component you need to build your Attiny 85 based game console.

Attiny 85 microcontroller
10K Ohm x 2
6.8K Ohm resistor x 1
1K Ohm resistor x 1
LED 5MM x 1
6mm tactile PB X 3
0.96 Oled display( gnd,vcc,scl,sda) x 1
slide switch x 1
CR2032 battery x 1
CR2032 battery holder x 1
3V Buzzer x 1”

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