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Hi friends,
I made this tiny little gamepad using ATTINY85 , I wanted to make this for a long time but didn’t have enough time , finally finished it and it is so much fun to play with.
Firstly I apologize for the clumsy build but I have seen a few people build it on a single sheet of PCB so I wanted to try a different design. Am also no expert at soldering so please bear with me.

Supplies:What you would need to build it :
1. A couple of ATTINY85 chips (only a single game fits on each attiny85)
2. PCB (you can use any size and design the gamepad your own way)
3. Female and male headers
4. Li Ion Battery or CR2032
5. Passive buzzer
6. OLED display (am using a 128 x 64 pixel)
7. Copper wire (you can use any wire basically)
8. Tactile buttons x 3”

Link to article