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Space Invaders for the Nano Every using a 2.7” OLED Display

There are a few Space Invader games available for Arduino. I got motivated to try and improve on the current ones. I wanted to use a larger screen so I decided to use a 2.7 Inch OLED. I increased the number of Rows and Columns to match the Original Taito Space Invaders. I have added a FPS display so you can see what it’s running at.

I decided to use the Nano Every as I needed the Extra Ram for the extra aliens on the screen. It’s also nice to have the increased Clock speed on the Nano Every. It has a 20 Mhz clock. I did have to go back to the Standard Tone.h library as ToneAC.h does not support the Nano Every yet.

I used Vero Board to assemble the project. I have included a Schematic which can be used to assemble one.”

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