Arduino Based Handheld Game Console

I made this handheld a year ago. Now I want to share this project if someone else would like to build it.

First step is to build the hardware. This design is really simple. All you need is an Arduino, screen and 9 buttons. Here’s the list of all parts:

prototyping PCB (with dotted copper)
Arduino Nano
SSD1306 OLED-screen with SPI-interface
9 pcs of 6x6x6 mm buttons
Female headers if you want to reuse the Arduino and OLED
Wires to connect the pins
Soldering stuff for soldering (obviously)
Rechargeable battery (If you want, it isn’t necessary. I recommend using JST XH 2.5-2 pin connector for the battery. Also you might want to use the TP4056 charging and protection circuit.
How to connect the pins:

Connect the buttons like this:

- Up = A4
- Left = D3
- Down = D5
- Right = D4
- X = A2
- Y = A3
- B = A0
- A = A1
- Q = D2

Connect the OLED like this

- GND -> GND
- VCC -> 3,3 V
- D0 -> D13 (clock)
- D1 -> D11 (data)
- RES -> D8
- DC -> D6
- CS -> D7”


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